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What to bring along when you travel with us

All of you are seasoned bikers and used to planning your own trips. As such, we believe that you follow all the ground rules of complex motorbike packing. Nonetheless, we’ve drawn up a travel packing checklist (see below) so you won’t leave back home any of the essentials.
Also, since our tours are guided, we believe that we can help you make your packing simpler and your luggage lighter. Our tours are planned so as to have a support vehicle accompanying us along the way, so there is no need for you to pack many things that you would otherwise have to bring along when planning your own trip, such as tools and spare parts for instance.
Let’s start with some basic information about Croatia that are relevant for the trip and for the packing:

Capital city: Zagreb
Population: ca. 3,900,000
Land area: 56,594 square kilometers
Coastline length: 1,880 km (1,168 miles)
Highest mountain: Dinara, at 1,831 m above sea level
Official language: Croatian
National currency: Euro, divided into 100 Cents
Credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Diners and American Express are acceptable almost everywhere
Money exchange is possible in: banks, exchange offices or post offices
Visa requirements: valid passport/ID is required. Tourists from most countries (USA & EU) do not need visa, but please check on time or contact us for help and additional info
Time zone: GMT +1
Electric current: 220 V

You will tell us before the tour how you want your bikes equipped in terms of luggage space. We can mount on the bikes 3 hard cases in all (1 top case and 2 side cases). The choice is up to you, but we suggest you opt only for the top case to make your motorcycle lighter and easier to ride. Particularly since a support vehicle will be accompanying us along the way and you will be able to put all your luggage in there, including the stuff you buy on the trip.

• driving licence (international driving licence for all non-EU citizens)
• passport/ID card
• credit card(s) (we’ve mentioned the ones acceptable almost everywhere)
• prescription medication for personal use (if using any)
• eyeglasses or contact lenses (if you need them)
• proof of insurance
• important personal contacts
• what else you think is important?

Very important (and always useful when traveling): it might be a good idea to scan your documents and save them in your e-mail or cloud and have them available at all times during the trip.

As we’ve said, your safety comes first, so we strongly encourage you to wear full riding gear. Here is a reminder of what you’ll need:

• Full face/flip up helmet (required by law)
• gloves (mesh or warm – we recommend both)
• biker jacket with protectors
• biker pants with protectors
• motorcycle boots or shoes
• rain gear (strongly recommended)
• neck brace and back protector
• earplugs (if using them)

Obviously, this will depend on the season of the year, the type and length of the tour and on how fashion-conscious you are. We’ve listed some of the essentials but we will inform you on the latest weather forecast a few days before your scheduled departure. We will also tell you about the availability of laundering services/facilities in the rented accommodation on your tour. However, please try to take:

• t-shirts (short sleeves and long sleeves)
• fleece
• sweatshirts for evening or chilly mornings
• jeans, socks, underwear
• comfortable walking shoes, you have rest day 😊
• shorts
• swim suite and a beach towel – if you are not on Magic Dolomites route 😊
• sunglasses
• other clothing and footwear you feel comfortable wearing

This category is completely optional, of course. However, if you do decide to take your gadgets with you, don’t forget their respective chargers and, if necessary, a power adaptor and a converter to EU socket.

• mobile phone + charger
• camera or action camera (batteries, charger, memory cards)
• tablet or laptop (charger)
• digital watch (charger)

Just usual 😊 as shaving kit; manicure set; bottles of shampoo; tooth paste and tooth brush; hairbrush; deodorant; sunscreen; and insect repellent as must…

Pens & paper; money belt; zipper storage bags; plastic bags for dirty laundry
There… That about covers it. Of course, these are the things to pack for a guided motorcycle tour. If you just rent a motorbike and ride on your own, you’ll need some other stuff as well. Since we are also experienced solo riders, we’ve drawn up a packing checklist for those occasions and posted it for your convenience.

Renting a motorbike and riding on your own require more preparation and more things to carry than when opting for a guided motorcycle tour, as there will be no support vehicle carrying tools, first-aid kits…
Also, there will be no guide so you’ll need maps and lists of various contacts.
As for your bags, bear in mind the strange phenomenon of growing luggage (an adorable piece of pottery for your kitchen, a bottle of wine for the neighbour who watered your plants while you were away and brandy for your uncle) and don’t pack your bags to bursting – leave some space before you start the trip. Packing for a motorcycle is manageable nevertheless.

In addition to the items listed under the section “What to bring along when you travel with us”, you should also consider bringing the following equipment:

• GPS device with preloaded maps of the area (charger; motorcycle mount)
• detailed maps of the area
• printed route for the trip
• printed information of the area you will visit
• helmet locks
• rubber sealant (spray)
• first aid kit (medical kit)
• some tools
• power – as standard car adaptor
• phone chargers
• flashlight, rope, sewing kit

Tent; sleeping bags; air mattress; rope; matches or lighter; toilet paper, other stuff you think you may need.
Camping and packing for camping can be rather knotty but once you pull it off, the experience is fantastic. If you ride in two, you’ll need an additional waterproof duffel bag that you can mount on the top case using a cargo net. Choose a bag that is big enough, over 30 or 40 litres for sure.

And that’s all, folks!

Before you start packing, you might want to decide whether you’re going to join us for a guided motorcycle tour or you’ll just ask us to get a bike ready in Croatia, waiting for you to ride it on your own. There is also a third possibility that we offer, and that is to tailor-make a tour just for you and then let you ride off alone into the sunset.


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