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Motorbike enthusiasts, nature lovers and fans of all the things that go hand in hand with motorbike riding…This blog is dedicated to revealing the reasons for visiting Croatia, the Alps and the Dolomites in a specific way – on two wheels, naturally. Besides explaining the reasons, we will also give you a few tips like when to take a certain tour, what to see, how to prepare for the trip, what to pack…

Croatia one of Europe’s top tourist destinations

There are so many reasons why to choose Croatia as one of your motorcycle tour destination. Maybe more than a thousand. And why a thousand? Because Croatia is a country with more than one thousand islands. One of the reasons is also the fact that this small country has as many as 8 national parks: Kornati Islands, Brijuni Islands, Island of Mljet, Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Paklenica, Northern Velebit, Risnjak.

We would like to note that most of them form part of our tours, sightseeing and entrance fees included.

Besides the 8 national parks, Croatia also has 11 nature parks: Telašćica Bay, Lastovo archipelago, mountains Medvednica, Papuk, Učka and Žumberak, Velebit, Biokovo, the marshland called Kopački rit, Lonjsko field and Vransko Lake. Beside all those, Croatia showcases spectacular roads along the coast and inland as well. There are many enchanting towns, some of which are protected by UNESCO.

Let us not forget Croatia’s gastronomy, varying from one region to another and abounding in top specialties and world-famous wines, such as Plavac and Malvazija.

As we spread out the map and set out to design the tours, we paid particular attention to small, not that famous sites, whose nature, culture and local customs make each journey magical. Besides, visiting these places alone or with us is not the same. Your guide’s knowledge of all the little secrets will make your trip both relaxed and relaxing. It goes without saying that our tours inevitably include national parks, UNESCO towns and the unforgettable roads.

A word or two about the tours

Croatia has so many things to show and so many experiences to offer that we felt it would be unnecessary to add to the trip to Croatia visits to other countries, traditions and customs. Time is too short, varieties are many and we therefore designed our tours to make the best of the periods suitable for motorbike riding, considering the tourist season that peaks from mid-July to end of August and making sure we avoid extreme heat in which riding, as we all know, is not pleasant.

Our two main tours, so similar yet so different Feel Croatia and Croatian Islands and Croatian Islands are therefore best to be booked for May, June, September and early October. These tours are ideal for romantics who love the sea, scenic coastal roads and impressive sunsets, as well as for gastronomes and fine wine devotees.

Naturally, we don’t rest during the summer either. We have arranged for your convenience another mix of pure hedonism. Some of you might find familiar the often repeated saying that motorbike riders put the Alps and the Dolomites among the top 5 on their bucket list . The best time to go there is July to limit the risk of bad weather conditions. Although, when it comes to the weather, we should warn you right away that there is no guarantee. Bear in mind that rain, wind and cold are possible in the summer as well, since mountain passes like Passo di Stelvio and the Grossglockner are above 2.500m (8.200ft) high.

We will not just race to visit all the mountain passes, dash from one country to another and ignore the experience offered by the wonderful Alps. On the contrary, we will take our time and will not ride more than 200 km a day. Riding without relishing the magical nature simply doesn’t make sense.

We will write about what to pack for the trip in a separate chapter, but it could be said right away that for the unpredictable Dolomites warm clothes are more than welcome, even in the summer.

Some info on the two most beautiful mountain passes (at least in our opinion):

Stelvio pass is one of the highest paved mountain passes in the Alps, and the highest in eastern Alps. It figures on every ‘Top Ten’ list about riding in the Alps, and is often found on ‘Top Ten’ lists of best motorcycling roads in the world.

  • Country: Italy; Elevation: 2.758m/ 9.049ft
  • Length: 49km/31mi
  • Hairpins: 87

So, yes, this is where we offer to take you in the summer, though weekends are best avoided as, due to its breath-taking scenery and vistas, Stelvio has been for some time now the busiest Alpine pass. That being said, it is best to set out early in the morning, ideally on a working day, starting from Prato allo Stevio and ride up the well-known serpentines heading southwards to Bormio.

After you’ve soaked up the beauty of the road and got to the top (at 2.758m/9.049ft), it is time to relax, walk around with your camera and capture the exquisiteness of the surrounding nature. There will be some stands here for you to buy souvenirs and refreshments.

Continuing towards Bormio from the summit, you can also visit Passo di Gavia as this is another fabulous ride.

Riding the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – If we were to describe the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in one sentence, we’d say it is actually 48 kilometres of sheer and intense pleasure.

  • Country: Austria; Highest elevation: 2.504m/8.215ft; Road length: 48km/30mi; Hairpins: 36

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a combination of Alpine landscape and architecture, a seemingly endless road winding through all shades of green. The road leads us to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, an upland named after his majesty Franz Joseph who stood at this very spot in 1856 marvelling at Grossglockner. Today, a visitor’s centre is here where you can learn about the history of the road, see some exhibitions and have lunch. You can also go for a short walk.

Finally, while our tours are about providing pleasure, your safety comes first, and we will take special care of that.

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