Moto tours Croatia


  • Organisation of guided motorcycle tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy
  • Small and friendly groups
  • Taste of local gastronomy and tried and tested accommodation
  • Adventure you will never forget


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It is difficult to explain even to ourselves, from where we draw such energy and passion to ride along the same road, to take the same curve, to sit in that same coffee bar... in fact, there are no special words to describe it... just that sense of freedom, contact with nature… that smile on our faces when we meet all those wonderful people who share the same and true passion for motorbikes, nature, travel, adventure… At the end of the day, you will meet new people and customs, and perhaps make a new friend or just take an amazing photo… who knows...Moto tours Croatia offers you an adventure you will never forget!


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Feel free to let us know as soon as you start thinking about traveling, in which way we can keep you up to date about availability and remaining spots.

robert & andrea

your guides

Your tour guide Robert and his wife Andrea are passionate bikers with over 20 years of motorcycling experience. We want to share with and pass on to others our love and passion for motorbikes and roads, providing the experience of freedom and enjoyment that you will remember all your life. We will plan small groups to provide you with additional comfort and devote our attention to each guest and make them feel special, with the aim of remaining true to the motto of Moto tours Croatia: “Take the route – Meet the road – Feel Croatia”.